Land Title Deeds in Thailand

Ownership of land, possession and use are governed by the land Code BE 2497 (1954), the Land Reform for Agricultural Act BE 2518 (1975), the Civic and Commercial code and by regulations issued by the Ministry of the Interior. There are mainly 5 types of Land Title Deeds in Thailand, namely: Chanote, Nor Sor Saam Kor, Nor Sor Saam, Sor Kor Nung, Por Bor Tor Ha/Hoc.

Chanote - Nor Sor Jor 4 - The Highest Grade of Land Title: The Chanote Title is the highest and most sought after title for any purchaser, regardless of nationality. Issued by The Provincial Land Office, this title has been effected following a detailed and accurate survey, carried out by the official land surveyor, as well as being plotted in relation to a national survey grid and then marked by unique concrete numbered maker posts set into the ground within the boundaries. When considering land of this title you should be shown these posts to assure you of the extent of the size of the land. The land size is depicted on an official Chanote document with the measurement and a detailed drawing showing the round posts at each corner of the plot.

The size and boundaries cannot be disputed in the future under any circumstances as each of the adjoining owners were required to be present at the measuring stage and will have given their signature to confirm the size of the plot being measured for Chanote. The purchase of Chanote Land can be executed extremely fast as there are no disputes as to the size or boundaries. No public notices are required nor can any surrounding owner dispute the measurements.

Land Measurement

Land in Thailand is measured in Rai, Ngan and Talang Wah:

1 Wah = 4 m2
1 Ngan = 100 Wah or 400 m2
1 Rai = 4 Ngan or 1600 m2
1 Acre = 2.529 Rai
1 Hectare = 6 Rai and 1 Ngan