As a developer, we focus mainly on all residential and commercial building, villas, apartments, residences, etc……. We can develop full projects thanks to the professional knowledge of our team which comprise manager, engineer, architect, interior designer, surveyor etc… and we can offer guarantee, security, quality, supervision, our time and cordiality.

Beside are some projects ideas by Blue building Co. Ltd.:

  • Duplex Villa (1 bedroom per unit)

  • 2 Bedrooms Villa

  • 2 or 3 Bedrooms Superior Villa

  • 3 Bedrooms Luxury Villa

  • 4 Bedrooms Luxury Villa (only possible over 1.000 Sqm. plot)

In addition, Blue building. Co. Ltd. offer to our clientele experience and knowledge about architectural designs and construction in Thailand. We are able to customize any kind of villa’s project upon request.

In addition to the full project, including survey, Blue building offer top-quality architectural 3D rendering so our customers can preview the final project.